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Welcome to the Culture Bolt art support store. We’re just starting to roll out our selection of affordable, artist-friendly, tools ‘n’ services. Our mission with this program is to help you with your art hustle. To do that, we create and curate a list of resources to save you time and money. More importantly, we try and connect you with revenue generating tools as well!  Again, we’re just getting started with our first major offering which is a Zoom alternative for artists. We’ve got more coming soon, so Check back often! Even better, opt-in to receive text updates and special promotions by texting “ARTIST” to 52855.


Wondering how this all works? In a nutshell, we develop relationships with partners in business, technology and design sectors who are passionate about helping independent artists thrive. We collaborate with our partners to come up with kick-butt support services at a price that’s accessible to artists on a budget. In addition to paid services, we also just launched a free peer-to-peer art support group. You can join it here. Finally, for those who are serious about advancing their career and taking advantage of a lot of the resources we offer, there is an artist membership package coming soon which will include many of the services you find in the store. Opt-in to receive text updates by texting “ARTIST” to 52855.

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