Learn to Turn

New Dance Class: Turn it Up!

Learn how to turn ‘n’ burn up the dance floor in this heart-pumping 50 minute dance basics class designed to make you more spinny than a Sufi mystic on speed-dial. Say whaa?!

Yes, come jam out to make-ya-move grooves as you build a foundation for better balance and basic turns, including common footwork patterns and transitions into kicks and leaps. This beginner/intro level class allows you to work at your own pace and intensity. Wanna push it? Go for it! You’re also welcome to keep it chill and focus on the fundamentals.


Disclaimer: side effects may include a strong desire to take on Baryshnikov in a gender neutral diva duel. How dare you learn to pirouette at this late stage??? Nonsense we say… Absofunkinlutely. See ya in class BYATCH!

Thursdays 8:30pm at Danzversity after Velvet Disco-Karate. For footwear we recommend jazz shoes or smooth soled tennis shoes.

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