Story Lab

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ACTING, Physical Theater & Creative Writing

Adventures in Storytelling

The Story Lab theater program is a home for experimental theater-making and creative writing. At Story Lab we tell contemporary stories in new ways, and old stories with a fresh perspective or new twist. “Storytelling by any means necessary…” is the Story Lab credo, and it’s in this spirit that participants learn to use their whole, integrated selves to tell embodied stories that matter to them. Story Lab participants train in voice, movement, imagination, improvisation, and creative writing. The goal of Story Lab is to empower participants with adventurous storytelling tools, tricks and tactics.

Story Lab is for adults interested in self-discovery, imagination, play and creative collaboration. If that sounds like you, check out our class menu and join us for fun, adventurous group classes & workshops.


Acting Foundation | Scene Salon

Imagination & Inner World Building 

(Mondays 7pm to 9pm Starting in October)

Description | Cultivating the power of imagination and empathy, participants learn how to consistently create rich imagined experiences and “act” truthfully under pretend circumstances. This class is for both beginning and experienced actors who want to act more authentically on stage or in front of the camera.

Registration Options

  • $225/month
  • OR included with Story Lab membership
  • No audition required. 
Flow Keys | Awareness in Motion 

Body awareness and movement technique

(Wednesdays 6pm to 7:15pm)

DESCRIPTION | Body awareness and movement class for actors, aspiring dancers, athletes and anyone who wants to develop better movement techniques to support their physical activities. Increase your sense of flow, physical confidence, longevity, efficiency, and ability to learn and master movement more quickly with key awarenesses that connect your mind and body in motion. 

Registration & Enrollment

  • $30/class or $100/month package
  • also included with Dance Track Monthly Motivator Subscription, 10 Class Dance Card or Story Lab membership

Group Improv Physical Theater

Speaking, Moving & Making Together 

(Fridays 6pm to 8pm)

Experience the spontaneity, fun and excitement of Group Improv Physical Theater. Bringing together acting and movement through structured improvisation to tell stories, this work empowers participants with the skills to create collaboratively in real time, and delight audiences with unpredictable, poetic, hyper-physical performances.

Registration & Enrollment

  • Drop-in for $30 or $25/class package of 4 for $100
  • Included with Story Lab membership
  • $350/month for all 3 classes ongoing – minimum 3 month commitment | 
  • $900 if paid quarterly