Short Trips

TriPpy Visuals for Music

The idea behind Short Trips is to create visuals for music that are fun and trippy to watch to different songs, and can be used to help promote new/emerging music artists. Hassan is the lead instigator for this project and contributes some of his own artwork to the series in a personal and very playful style he dubs “Lofi Poetics”. The Short Trip channel is open to any visual creator who feels inspired and want to jump in on the theme. Music creators are also invited (and encouraged) to [submit] tracks for syncing to these trippy, moving, mixed-media digital video collages, like this one:

SHort Trip #2

Music from #Uppbeat (free for Creators!):

For this project, Hassan also curates music from sites like that aim to support new and emerging song creators, to help throw a spotlight on up-and-comers and cool new tracks early-adopter listener types might enjoy.

Hassan’s Short Trip video contributions for this series are part of his larger collection digital collages called “Spin Tripping”. Follow the Culture Bolt blog for new new Short Trip’s from guest contributors. Contact us to submit your own Short Trips.