Post Submission Guidelines

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Do you like writing about and supporting arts & culture? We invite you to submit feature articles and updates to our discovery blog! We are accepting snazzy post submissions in the following categories:

  • Field news (updates about things effecting the arts and culture ecosystem)
  • Calls and submissions (auditions, calls, funding, residencies etc.)
  • Features (read more below)

Looking to share and chat about art on a more social level? Head over to our private member app. NO SELF/BIZ-PROMOTION please. If you are interested in listing/promoting your work for sale, contact us about becoming an art partner. Also, please submit a creative profile to introduce yourself.

Submit to Art Crossings

Culture Bolt is all about creating connections and breaking down silos between people, and creative disciplines. For features, we accept post submissions on art & culture that meet one or more of the following content guidelines:

  • Art Basics – Introduce and breakdown a basic art technique. Share core creative principles and approaches to creative practice in a way that makes it more accessible/easy to understand for newbies.
  • Mix Art – Share a practice or approach that combines 2 or more mediums/disciplines.
  • Art Collabs – Highlight collaborations or collaborative approaches to art-making.
  • New or Experimental – Introduce new or experimental models, techniques, forms, approaches or perspectives on art-making.
  • “ARTivism” or Social Practice – Share art and artists that engage participants around issues of social change and activism. For example, topics might include equity and inclusion, public wellness, or environmentalism.

Other Requirements

Photo, Media & Copy
  • Feature posts should be a minimum of 300 words.
  • All posts must include a featured image at least 780 x 590 (pixels).
  • We accept links for video submissions (Youtube or Vimeo).

Additional Categories

Please choose any additional categories that are relevant to your post.

  • Art
  • Creative Writing
  • Dance
  • Film
  • Music
  • Theater

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