New Ography Who Dis

New Ography Who Dis

Introducing VIDMOB Outdoors + Digital Dance Party #2

For the next round of Ography we’re offering 2 session types!

  • Ography VIDMOB | Outdoor Video Shoot – 2 four week sessions meeting weekly on Saturday afternoons 1pm-2:30pm at Auditorium Shores park (where we can Social DisDANCE AF). 
  • Ography Online | Digital Dance Party 2 – 8 week session spread over 10 weeks (meets weekly on Tuesday nights at 8pm-9:15pm).

The Details

OGRAPHY VIDMOB | Let’s make a dance video

Round One: October 10 thru Oct 31st – Hip Hop Halloween Themed

  • Week 1: Learn Routine
  • Week 2: Learn, Review & Stage it for video 
  • Week 3: Practice/rehearsal shoot
  • Week 4: Final video shoot (with Halloween costumes)

Round Two: Nov 7 thru Dec. 5 Velvet Disco-Karate Kick-Ass Holiday Vibes

  • Week 1: Learn Routine
  • Week 2: Learn, Review & Stage it for video 
  • Week 3: Practice/rehearsal shoot
  • One week off for Thanksgiving
  • Week 4: Final video shoot (with dress)

Both videos will be shown as part of the Ography online event on Dec. 19

OGRAPHY Digital Dance Party | October 13 to Dec 19

Live-stream choreo jam session

cool dance party cat rocking sun glasses and headphones.

For all you cool cats ‘n’ kittens that wanna kick it from home… This is an 8 week series with a week off for Thanksgiving. The final performance will be on Saturday, Dec. 19, consisting of a live-stream performance, similar in nature to what we did last time, showcasing 3 dance styles presented in VJ mashup with shifting screens. We’ll also share the videos we create from Ography Vidmob sessions.  And yes you can do both Vidmob and Ography online!

Schedule & Breakdown:

Class styles – Soul Candy & House / Sneaker Bop Fusion
  • Week 1: Dance 1 
  • Week 2: Dance 1
  • Week 3: Dance 2 
  • Week 4: Finish Dance 2 and Dance 1 Review
  • Week 5: Staging Dance 1 & 2 for live-stream performance
  • Week 6: Staging Dance 1 & 2 for live-stream performance
  • Week 7. Technical rehearsal for live-stream performance  
  • Week OFF for Thanksgiving 
  • Week 8. Dress Rehearsal with tech elements for live-stream performance: 
  • Week 8 Online Performance on a Saturday 

Conditions and Requirements

  • In-person sessions will require participants wear a mask and maintain adequate (6ft of distance) between you and other participants during the session. There will be markers to help maintain spacial awareness. 
  • Commitment – please be available for all sessions and the full duration of each rehearsal. That said, please stay home if you are feeling sick. Material will be made available for review online. 
  • Self-select your level. If this is your first time ever performing, I recommend picking one dance and focus on getting it down so you feel comfortable and have the most possible fun during the taping/performance. Beyond that, it’s up to each participant to decide how much choreo they want to tackle. Practicing on your own is strongly encouraged since we won’t have a lot of time for review during the sessions. 
  • Costumes/performance attire: Participants provide their own attire/styling based on the performance theme and/or color scheme for the series. It can be something from your closet or somebody else’s. Many participants shop around vintage/thrift stores. You’re also welcome to go all out and duy something you wanna rock for the showing.

Registration & Availability

All sessions are included with subscription to the unlimited monthly membership for $120/month (minimum 2 month commitment) or available for stand alone purchase:

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