Hip-Hop Dancing at Aristocrat Lounge

Hip Hop Dance Night on Halloween

Hip Hop Night Recap

So cool, our Hip Hop dance night was all get down good vibes for the first Monster Mash UP. Except for maybe a few wallflowers hiding out in the bathroom, EVERYONE was GETTIN’ IT to DJ Volstead’s make-you-wanna-move jams.

Battles abounded, fortunes were made and new friendships fused at the Aristocrat Lounge, a swanky dive with room to groove. Good thing, because Danzversity dance studio, the team behind the event, packed the place out with one of the most diverse crowds we’ve seen around Austin lately.

Slotted from 8pm to 11, the crowd raged on ’til closer to 1am. Not even sweat drenched disintegrating costumes, or make-up meltdowns could stop this masquerade dance party. Of course, the crowd took a break from collective body-rockin’ for an hour-long costume contest followed by a legit dance-off. Aristocrat’s consummate bartenders (and now tastemakers to boot), jumped in to judge the competitions–what good sports!

HIp Hop Halloween dance and costume contest judge/bartender.
Bartender turned… Judge Zombie BWAHAHAHA!

Dance Battle and Costume Competition

There were no major upsets for the costume battle. Everyone expected the gender-flip bride ‘n’ groom to take first place. After all, THAT GOWN THO’. Instead, the results of the dance-off were a shocker. Nobody expected the unassuming, strawberry blonde chillin’ at the bar to come full force with Irish step dancing to steal what seemed like an easy win for the night’s resident breaking crew. Nary a popper, locker, or b-boy was a match for the whirling swish kicks of the now reigning Monster Mash Up Queen. Better luck next year B-people… (respect).

So um ya, that’s a hint. There’s talk of making this a yearly thing. Also on the table, is starting a monthly get down night, (sans costumes of course). In a time when Austin needs some help in the diversity department, a regular, old school get down hip-hop night is surely welcome. If you like the idea of a monthly hip-hop night following the Get Down Hour dance class, holla’ fo’ sho’.

You go, gurl.


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