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Always wanted to learn how to dance or looking to add some fun to your fitness? Culture Bolt offers some of Austin's best, most unique, and most affordable, beginner-friendly classes for adults including hip-hop, latin, bellydance, and more. We currently offer classes at 2 locations, Danzversity in North Austin and Space512 in the Southeast Riverside district. Please register or RSVP below to attend class at either location.

Not sure where to start? Checkout the Get Down Guide.

What People Are Saying

Jackie Brooks
Jackie Brooks
23:49 27 Jul 18
100 million stars! I went to the Get Down Hour on a rec. from a friend, and I am SO glad I found this magical place/peeps! I was a little nervous since I had been out of dance for a while (especially any hip hop- I am far from hip!), but I was getting the itch to boogy like no mans business, and I am SO thankful I can say I've found my dance home in Austin! I've since explored all types of new dance styles that Hassan offers, and I am hooked (Velvet Disco Karate-what!?)! Hassan has a knack for getting you into grooves and moves in an elegant teaching style that gradually builds until the moves naturally fall into place. The result is a class filled with dancers of all backgrounds and experience, SO much FUN, and enough sweat to check your cardio box ;). If you're into awesome tunes (the playlists seriously rock- love it when sweet throw backs pop up in the mix), enjoy an endorphin rush, and a good time with good people, then this is definitely for you!
LN Naturalist of Logs
LN Naturalist of Logs
22:12 27 Jul 18
I love all of the classes Hassan offers! Always a highlight of my week. In addition to learning some sweet moves you’ll also make friends, smile, and laugh. Highly recommend!
Hallie Rae Ward
Hallie Rae Ward
03:30 29 Jun 18
Culture Bolt has been a game changer in my life! The choreography is dynamic and fun! Hassan is a very talented dancer and a great instructor! He has an impressive background in dance/choreography and I am grateful he is here in Austin to share and create with us! Between bringing the community together, affordability, and the range of being able to teach all levels, Culture Bolt has got it going on!
Cori Hash
Cori Hash
15:51 01 May 18
These dance classes are the best thing happening in the city! Every class is an uplifting experience and by the end of the class everyone is high-fiving each other. No matter what your background or experience level, everyone fits in and feels great due to the teachers' welcoming and holistic approach. For the experienced dancer, the versatility of dance styles is bound to bring you to a higher level and make you excited to dance all over again. Besides dancing, you will also connect with a lot of creative and inspiring people!
Tony Howard
Tony Howard
14:59 23 Apr 18
Where do I start, Culture Bolt has literally changed my perception of what dance "should be". The way each class is taught is set up to leave you feeling like the dancer you want to BE or become. EVERY class leaves me mind blown with what I was able to learn in an hour of time. I have searched to find dance classes around Austin that I connected with immediately, this experience is not only a dance class, but an art form given back to the community in a way where all can learn. From the curated playlists, to the deconstructed choreography, Hassan is a genius at what he does. I encourage all to take a class, it takes one time and you will be hooked!
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Get Down Guide

Need a little guidance for what classes to take? Checkout this nifty little breakdown! Feel free to use the chat bubble to ask questions.

Intro Level


These classes are for people with little to zero previous experience that are looking to take their time and master the fundamentals in a fun, relaxed, supportive environment. If that sounds like you, we recommend:

  • Groovalicious (freestyle basics)
  • Get Down Breakdown (intro to hip-hop)

Available as a Private or Group lesson by Request Only

  • Taste (Intro to Movement Styles)
  • How to Learn... (private lesson/ workshop by request)



These classes are for people with some previous experience or the adventurous novice that wants to groove and have fun (even if they don't get all the moves). If that sounds like you, we recommend jumping into:

  • The Get Down Hour (hip-hop)
  • Latin Get Down (no partner required)
  • HeartBeats (afro-styles)
  • Glitter Tiger (rock 'n' roll jazz class)
  • Soul Candy (funk jazz fusion)
  • Shimmy Mix (bellydance grooves)
  • ITS Bellydance (Improvisational Tribal Style)
  • Gravity Barre (dance on the floor to strengthen your core)
  • OGRAPHY 1 (hip-hop performance workshop)



These classes are for people with previous experience or adventurous beginners that are looking to grow and challenge themselves. If that sounds like you, we recommend trying:

  • SUPAFUNK (hip-hop 2)
  • Velvet Disco-Karate???
  • House Party (house class)
  • OGRAPHY 2 ( hip-hop performance workshop)

Register or RSVP


Culture Bolt Art Lab is committed to building a diverse, non-competitive creative community where people of all backgrounds and abilities are welcome to learn, explore, connect and discover through dance and the arts. We invite you to join us in cultivating passion for artistic adventure and expression regardless of your experience level.

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