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Hello and welcome to our dance schedule. Instructors are currently offering classes at Danzversity & Sky Candy in Austin, TX.

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$14 to $18 per class

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$6 to $12 per class

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Drop-in Dance Class Schedule

Click a class on the schedule to buy or RSVP for a single drop-in class. Also note, you can hover over a class to see a description (desktop only), OR read the class menu in the sidebar (scroll down on mobile).

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Save Money with a 10 Class Card or Membership

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Walk-up Dance Registration
Regular Price $16.00
Regular Price $160.00
The Regular | 4 class monthly pass
$42.00 / 4 weeks
Dance Dummy. Batman slaps Robin

Don’t be scurrrd… A Quick Note About Our Dance Program

So the deal is, our classes are led by friendly, experienced instructors who are about helping YOU unleash and develop your inner dancer. In fact, all the drop-in classes are led in a mixed level follow-along format that caters to beginners (with minimal experience). If however, you’re a TOTAL novice, we recommend starting with Intro to Hip-Hop (Get Down Break Down) and moving up from there if that proves to slow for ya.

Lastly, we aim to cultivate an ego and drama free learning community where we keep it legit, but low-key. All are welcome, but please check any lurking evil alter-egos at the door. ‘Nuff said.

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