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Art Gym is a pop-up series of intro level workshops in all sortsa artsy stuff connecting experienced creatives and teaching artists with a community of adventurous learners. Art Gym participants get to explore new approaches to creativity and design thinking through intro level “sampler” style workshops that are fun and process oriented. Art Gym also facilitates intermediate and advanced level classes upon request.

What defines an Art Gym Workshop?

AN AG workshop is a beginner / introductory class in a creative practice (broadly defined) that fits one or more of these categories:

  • Foundation Building - A class that introduces, establishes or reinforces fundamental techniques, principles, ideas, or approaches to a given creative practice.
  • Hybrid - Introduces a creative practice or approach that combines 2 or more mediums.
  • Collaborative - A class that teaches or models collaborative approaches to art-making.
  • Experimental/Innovative - Introduces new or experimental models, techniques, forms, approaches or perspectives on art-making.
  • “ART-ivism” or Social practice - A class that specifically focuses on addressing issues of social justice, equality, racial healing and diversity, public health, wellness and environmental sustainability through creative practice.

Format (for adult learners)

AG sessions are geared toward adult learners and organized around a topic or theme that is approached through 2 different disciplines in a back-to-back workshop format. The workshops are stacked to encourage participants to try more than one discipline and stimulate cross-disciplinary thought and conversation.

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Interested in teaching an Art Gym workshop? Got an idea or request for one? Want to recommend an artist? Drop us a note via email to: artlab (at) culturebolt (dot) com

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